As a participant in the Fox Valley Laborers’ Pension Fund, you can earn a retirement benefit that will provide you with a monthly income when you stop working at retirement age. This benefit is based on contributions made to the Pension Fund by your employer on your behalf. You are not required to contribute to the Fund.

This site contains important information about the Pension Plan, how it works, forms and resources you’ll need. If you are thinking about retiring, contact the Fund Office to find out how to apply for your Pension benefits.

Retirees – Return to Work Rules

While in retirement, a retiree will receive a monthly pension check as long as you do not do certain kinds of work.  The type of work you are not allowed to perform is called Disqualifying Employment and is described in the attached document.  If you return to work in Disqualifying Employment your monthly pension payments will be stopped.  If you are considering returning to work you must immediately notify the Fund Office.  All of the information you need is included in the Retiree Return to Work Forms.